Linox Cloud Computing Services

Linox Cloud is a web portal designed for users of the Linox Cloud Computing software. It guarrantees the use of this software on any device and it allows the transfer of settings and files between a mobile phone and multiple computers.

Log in to Linox Cloud and have your WEB APPS and all your Data To Get Deploy ready anywhere.

365 Licence

Have you purchased the Linox Cloud Business Mail Service licence? Register for the Linox Cloud and use your 365 licence on any computer, where you are logged-in.

Linox Cloud APP Services

HTML, JS, PHP, MySQL, NODE JS - EJS, Python, .Net APP, React JS, Redis

Linox Cloud Services

Anything you Host and save into LINOX Cloud will be readily available anywhere you sign in , at work you can access WEB Apps you have made at home and vice versa. If you wish to Host a quick note into your mobile phone, no need to worry about saving it, it will be automatically saved to your LINOX Cloud.

Postpaid Services

The storage capacity as well as remote directories on Linox Cloud Node servers is postpaid - Post credit is available upon registration or Linox Cloud licence purchase, additional credit can be purchased later.

Network Service

We Provide 1Gbps Throughput Effiency Interconnected Through TATA , Airtel, Excell Media Telecommunication Intra, Public Network Server Nodes.

Storage Service

We Provide Scalable Storage Up To 4TB Per User Account With Dedicated Cores, Memory, 10/100/1000Mbps Network, I/O, Cache For Faster Access of Data Tunnel Secure

Cloud Server Node Resources

10 Cores/ 20 Threads, 64GB Memory, 100TB Exadrive - Nimbus Data RAID NVMe SSD, CentOS 8 RHEL,Dedicated VM's Machines, Hyper-V

Award Winning Support

24x7x365 Days Support With Real Time Problem - Intili Solutions

Sponsored By

Cloudflare, GoDaddy, Schneider Electric, Nextcloud, Rainloop, Let's Encrypt

Interconnection with Third-Party Applications

The Web Cloud software provided by Linox Cloud is available through API also from third-party applications or services.
More information: LINOX Cloud REST API.

Terms and conditions of LINOX Cloud services